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The Following Teams are Registered for the Spring 2020 Season:

(this list is only updated once per day)

Bulls Deep

Captain: Kurt Kosloske

Home Bar: Nowhere Bar

Fuꓘ Nuggets

Captain: Justin Melanson

Home Bar: Max Canada

Sparkle Motion

Captain: Wes Anderson

Home Bar: Flanagan's

Dartners in Crime

Captain: Tim Demott

Home Bar: Magnolia's

Cobra Kai

Captain: Tim Olivier

Home Bar: Flanagan's

Raging Bulls

Captain: Ryan Blackwell

Home Bar: Starland Pizzeria and Pub


Captain: Julie Barrett

Home Bar: The Rail


Captain: Robyn Oliver

Home Bar: Magnolia's

9 Mark Marauders

Captain: Jared Intemann

Home Bar: That Bar

Mike + The Mechanics

Captain: William Perry

Home Bar: Live Wire Athens

Da Black Mambas

Captain: Mike Green

Home Bar: Loco's Eastside

Cork & Bulls

Captain: Algy Fonts

Home Bare: Live Wire Athens

Salty Dawgs

Captain: Rain Ioppolo

Home Bar: Magnolia's

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