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When Does the Season Start?

We have a Spring and a Fall season: the Spring Season begins toward the end of January, and Fall season begins shortly after Labor Day.  

How Long Does the Season Last?

We play a 10-14 week schedule (depending on number of teams registered) playing Wednesday nights starting at 7:30PM, some leagues might have bye weeks. We have a week off for Thanksgiving and Spring Break and a City Tournament at the end of the season. 

How Much Does it Cost?

League dues are $100 per team.  Usually, your host bar will sponsor your team and pay your league dues.

How Many Players are on a Team?

Teams consist of at least 4 people, and can have alternate/substitute players in case someone cannot make it that Wednesday.  With 4 players, each player gets 4 games.  If you are new to darts and do not know how to play the listed games, do not worry, we'll help you.

What if I don't have 6 people that want to play?

You need a minimum of 4 people to start a team, but we always have teams looking to add players or subs.  Just email the league secretary to be added to the list of players looking for teams.

Do I Have to Be Really Good to Play?

Absolutely not. We're about having fun 1st. Based on your team's skill level, you will be placed against similar skilled teams

How Do I Sign Up?

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